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Research and Discovery
Our team conducts thorough research to understand your product, target audience, and industry. We gather valuable insights and identify opportunities for innovation, setting the foundation for the design process.
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Design and Development
Our designers transform the research findings into tangible design concepts. Through design iterations and collaboration with your team, we refine the designs to ensure they meet your requirements.
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Prototyping and Testing
We develop interactive prototypes that allow you to visualise and experience the product. Through testing, we gather valuable feedback, uncover issues, and make necessary improvements for a seamless user experience.
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Launch and Development
After prototyping, we optimise design for manufacturing, oversee production, and ensure quality standards are met. Our ongoing support ensures a successful market entry for your product.

With a wealth of experience in various industries, including medical devices, consumer electronics, and robotics, we offer comprehensive schematic design capabilities. Our skilled engineers have in-depth knowledge of circuit theory and design principles, allowing us to create efficient and reliable schematics tailored to your specific application.


We offer expert PCB layout services for various industries. With a meticulous approach, we transform schematic designs into optimised and well-organised PCB layouts. Our expertise covers multi-layer boards, high-speed designs, and mixed-signal applications, enabling us to deliver precise and efficient layouts tailored to your specific needs

We offer reliable PCB assembly services, adhering to industry best practices and stringent quality standards, ensuring that the assembled PCBs meet your specifications and function flawlessly. Whether you require assembly for a prototype to validate your design or a small production run to kickstart your market entry, our capabilities and resources are well-equipped to handle your requirements


Our team excels in developing firmware for embedded systems. We have extensive experience in working with microcontrollers and embedded platforms, enabling us to design firmware that efficiently controls and interacts with various hardware components. Our expertise spans across a wide range of applications, including loT devices, industrial automation, and smart home systems.


We have a strong proficiency in developing device drivers, which serve as the bridge between hardware and software. Our firmware engineers have deep knowledge of different interfaces and protocols, allowing us to create reliable and optimised drivers for peripherals, sensors, communication modules, and more. We ensure seamless integration with the underlying hardware, enabling smooth data transfer and efficient operation.


Our team specialises in firmware development for real-time systems. We understand the criticality of time-sensitive applications that require precise timing and rapid response. Whether it's control systems, robotics, or automation, we design firmware that meets strict timing constraints and delivers deterministic performance. Our expertise in real-time operating systems and scheduling algorithms ensures efficient task management and accurate execution.